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So, your son's the Grubmaster for the upcoming campout.  What the heck does that mean?  Most importantly, it means that he will be feeding the Patrol at the campout.  It also means that if he does a good job, he will complete First Class requirements 4a through 4e.  Here's what he needs to do and what you can do to help (or stay out of the way):


No later than the Tuesday prior to the campout, your Patrol will have made up a menu for the campout.
Review the menu and make any necessary changes.  As much as possible, try to adhere to the choices
made by the Patrol.  The following are examples changes that may or may NOT be made:

If the Patrol chose canned pears as part of the lunch menu, but you prefer peaches, get the PEARS;

If the Patrol chose filet mignon and lobster for dinner, but there's not enough money
in the budget for those items (duh), you may change the entree;

If the meal is lacking in one of the four basic food groups, you may add the necessary items;

In order to fulfill the requirements for First Class, each meal must require some cooking.
Therefore, you may make adjustments in order to meet the requirements.

Grubmaster’s Report

Fill out the top half of the Grubmaster's Report.

You will need to know how many boys and how many adults are attending the campout and for which meals, if any.
The Patrol Leader will have this information.

This will show him how much money he has to spend.

Shopping List

Be sure that if the Patrol selected macaroni and cheese that you purchase not only the boxes of macaroni and cheese,
but also the milk and butter needed to make it.

Determine the quantity of each item.


You, rather than one of your parents, should do as much of the food selection as possible.

Do price comparisons.  Write down how much each item costs, and make sure you stay within your budget.

Try to make as many decisions as possible yourself about flavors, quantities, brands, etc.  Before the end of your shopping trip,
check everything over and make sure there is enough food for everyone during the campout.  Scouts get very hungry
when they're outdoors all day.

Don't forget ice for the cooler.

Save your receipts.


Make a list of pans, utensils, and anything else that will be needed to prepare the meals.

Check with the Patrol Leader to be sure that everything needed is in the Patrol Box.


Pack the food into the cooler and Patrol tub.  Review USDA’s Food Safety While Hiking, Camping & Boating and
be sure that you are ready to practice the
Leave No Trace Principles.

Duty Roster

Make a Duty Roster.

Review past Duty Rosters to make sure that everyone is getting an equal share of cooking and cleanup duties. 

For simplicity, try to pair tent mates on the Duty Roster.

Be sure to put yourself down as one of the cooks at one of the meals.

At the Campout

Supervise all meals.

Say grace before each meal.

Inventory the Patrol Box before returning it to the trailer.

After the campout

Distribute any leftover perishable food among the Patrol members;

Save any leftover non-perishable food for the next campout.  Make a list of all leftover non-perishable food and
give it to your Patrol Coach so that it can be passed on to the next Grubmaster.

Wash dish towels and put them in the tub.

Complete the gm report, attach receipts, have your adult advisor initial it, and turn it in to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

Get your Scout Handbook signed!


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